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Ethereals: They were clearly supposed to have a much bigger role in God's plan than they currently have. We need to support them to help undo the damage wrought by Uriel's fanaticism.

Humans: Their decisions are the point of the War. Not what decisions they make, but that they get to make the decisions. A human freely choosing fate is a tragedy; a celestial stopping a human from freely choosing fate is a crime.

Saints: It is utterly strange the way the Seraphim Council is more worried about blessed souls meddling in corporeal matters than angels. God has never banned their return to Earth, and the Symphony treats them just like any other humans. They are obviously the way God intended Heaven to intervene on the corporeal after the ban, and Heaven should make much more use of those that volunteer to serve.

Soldiers of God: Their service to celestials is not the reason God made humans capable of reaching these heights, but under the conditions of the War it is fitting that some humans choose to help defeat the rebels who would enslave them.

Soldiers of Hell: The ultimate example of the evils of celestial interference with the corporeal realm. Those that will not repent should be slain, so they stop spreading infernal influence by proxy.

Sorcerers: Too many of them are just another sort of Soldier of Hell. But they were supposed to be more. Remember the first sorcerers were not empowered by Hell. God clearly gave humans the capacity for sorcery as part of His plans for the natural interaction between ethereals and humans. It is unfortunate that Kronos has twisted sorcery into a tool of Hell, and I will twist it back.

Undead: I do not understand quite what God intended when He made humans capable of this transformation, but that they do not dream suggests they were supposed to be completely beyond celestial reach after the corporeal ban. Like sorcery, remember that necromancy was not born in Hell; like sorcerers, remember that most undead are pawns of infernal powers.
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