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Default Re: Khalomael, Habbalite "Archangel" of Fantasy (Alt-SSO)

Khalomael's Views on . . .
Khalomael hasn't been a Superior long enough for the others to have generated any particularly considered opinions about her. However, she's got lots of opinions about them, which are perhaps most interesting for what they say about her.


Blandine: If Blandine could accept that it is right for ethereals to take corporeal forms and interact with humans, our only remaining conflicts would be where her excess of Cherubic loyalty causes her to defend angels who have forgotten God's Will. I do not know how to make her understand, but at worst she is opposition, not an enemy.

David: Strengthening racist gangs is not opposition to Hellish influence, it is David engaging in the indulgence of Word-promotion on the corporeal plane. That he calls ethereals on Earth invaders, and a violation of the natural order, demonstrate exactly how blind to God's Will he truly is.

Dominic: He oversteps. Over and over, he oversteps. Certainly, as Judgment, he will feel compelled to judge things. But as Judgment, he should also show the discernment to stay within God's limits. He has no authority to bring humans to justice. He has no authority to ban ethereals from the corporeal world. He has no authority to undermine pagan worship and promote monotheism among humans. He is trying to remake the Symphony from what God decreed into what he wants it to be. Is there a Balseraph hiding from the Light of Heaven under that cloak? Dominic will not like the verdict when he is finally judged.

Eli: It was wrong of Eli to participate in the Monotheism Project. He was wrong to spend so much time simply promoting his Word among humans rather than specifically countering Hell. He improperly supported the ban on ethereals on Earth, and forgets that the liaisons that create Gorgons defy no law of God. But for all that, Eli has never done a lot of harm. Perhaps here in Shangri-La he can learn better.

Gabriel: She is mad, and needs to be fixed. And while its not her Servitors' fault that her madness-induced dissonance condition pushes them to punish humans for human cruelty, it is an excess in defiance of God's Will. They need to be redirected against Hell as much as possible.

Janus: It is not the job of any celestial to get humans out of their ruts, to shake up their systems. If he wants to change human minds, he can go to the Vale and speak in their dreams, and that is it. If he wants to disrupt things, he should direct his Servitors at demons.

Jean: Well, Lightning has always seemed to strike a bit too fast and a bit too hard on suspected demonic technology, not giving the humans enough credit. But the only major error of his I know of was going along with strictly enforcing Dominic's ban on ethereals on Earth. Now that he's in Shangri-La, I'm hoping to work him around on that.

Jordi: It is hard to judge how much of the despoiling of nature is just humanity being human, and how much is inspired by Hell. Jordi seems to either overestimate how much is the latter, or cannot bring himself to care. Still, even if he goes too far to protect his animals, his focus on them instead of influencing humans minimizes the harm he does to their free will.

Khalid: He has no faith in God, or else he would have accepted God's judgment in making Laurence the Commander of the Host. He has no Elohite objectivity, or else he would have noticed the book he believes is the "literal word of God" is often indisputably wrong. He is clearly the Prince of Fanaticism, wrapped up in one of the many religious delusions we Habbalah are prone to. I suspect Kronos and Lucifer have hands in shielding that truth from the eyes of Heaven.

Laurence: His views on corporeal religion are a mistake, and he improperly persecutes ethereals. But God's only direct act since the Fall was making him Commander of the Host, so there must be more to him than I can see. He has showed he can learn, so perhaps it is my part to educate him about his errors.

Litheroy: We are not supposed to be telling the humans anything, except perhaps in dreams. That isn't always practical given the protracted rebellion, but Litheroy consistently defaults to the wrong option. And what would be a problematic excess in a Word-bound angel is a disastrous defect in an Archangel -- a status she only has because of the misbegotten Monotheism Project!

Marc: It's not in Marc's nature to be militant, which is as he was created by God. His efforts at Word-promotion might edge into the improper, but it is truly hard to judge with the need to counter the efforts of Haagenti and Mammon to influence humans. Marc and his Servitors are willing to deal and keep their word, which is useful.

Michael: Who submits to God's Will like Michael? He is imperfect, as everyone is, but is heartening to see that the first angel is such a shining example. I contracted for him before; I'd like to work with him now.

Novalis: Plants needed an Archangel, but if one were cataloging the errors of the Seraphim Council, raising Novalis to Archangel was the first (though Khalid was worse). She coddles humans quite excessively, and all but refuses to strike at demons. The Archangel of Flowers needs a harsh reminder of God's Will.

Yves: It is understandable that Yves is driven to promote Destiny. The problem is that, as good as Destiny is, God does not want celestials pushing humans to it. The Monotheism Project, and all its disastrous consequences, is a perfect example of his overreach. And his Servitors still do too much to bring humans to their destinies, rather than eliminating diabolical influence.

Zadkiel: What would one expect except that a Cherub of Novalis would repeat her error? It is not the purpose of angels on Earth to minister to humanity, nor to protect them from every danger. At least Zadkiel is willing to fight to protect humans from the rebels. But when she protects humans from themselves, natural disasters, and ethereals, she must be stopped.

Demon Princes

Alaemon: It seems like Alaemon is somewhat less bad than most Princes, but that might just be because he is more subtle. Obviously, he needs to be stopped, but I currently think there are higher priorities.

Andrealphus: One of the original rebels against God, and one who spent all his time since interfering with humans on Earth. If Andrealphus hadn't come to Shangri-La, he'd be Target #1. Practical political realities mean I must tolerate him if he persists in his crimes, but there is now some hope he can be taught better.

Asmodeus: This rebel will be punished for his crimes in the fullness of time. Until then, it's useful to play Asmodeus's forces against other demons, to hamper Hellish efforts to manipulate humanity.

Baal: The Commander-in-Chief of the War Against God? Some of my best jobs as an Oucast involved weakening Baal in concert with Michael's people. I don't have the resources to go after him directly for now, but am happy to sell information about the General of Gehenna to War, cheap.

Beleth: The story of my mother, blinded by Lucifer's lies and Fallen, is a tragedy. But do not allow pity to blind you. Beleth is the greatest threat to Shangri-La on the Ethereal Front, and her demons and ethereal lackeys know subtlety. We must be vigilant against her efforts, work to undercut her alliances, and prepare strikes to force her on to the defensive.

Belial: An evil psychotic, traitor, and rebel, but not particularly different from a natural disaster in his actual effect on humans. The biggest problem he poses is being a possible cause of Gabriel's madness.

Fleurity: His loathing of humans and hatred of their free will makes Fleurity the epitome of the deluded Punisher, fit only to be broken and destroyed. The dissonance condition he imposes on his Servitors makes them violate God's Will every day. Give him and his no quarter.

Furfur: Hamstrung by his tiny Word, Furfur isn't a serious threat, but he is loathsome. Perhaps he can be induced to destroy himself in a suicidal attack on Belial.

Haagenti: Kobal's creature, Haagenti is just fractionally less bad than his puppeteer, if only because of inferior imagination and a less driving dissonance condition. His maw needs to be shut for good.

Kobal: The nadir of the Princes of the Pit. Kobal was taken into God's special confidence, and betrayed Him. Now he pushes his followers to attack humanity every single day. Someday, when I have the resources to commit, the joke will be on him. In the meantime, it's useful to inform the Game whenever one comes across one of his minions.

Kronos: All the defects of Yves, multiplied by being on the side in open rebellion against God. The choice between Destiny and Fate is supposed to be without celestial interference.

Malphas: Another treasonous maggot, Malphas's Servitors should be encouraged to advance their Word in Hell, not on the Earth. By breaking their vessels into factions, if other means don't work.

Mammon: As totally opposed to God's Will as any celestial can be, Mammon is a pustule. But he's been weakened greatly, and his followers aren't driven to constantly meddle in human free will. Not a priority.

Nybbas: A Prince whose Word is entirely about influencing humans on the Corporeal? Nybbas's voice needs to be silenced. Eli and Jean seem to be obvious allies on this.

Saminga: A vicious simpleton, Saminga deserves to personally experience his Word. But he's a lesser threat than many others.

Valefor: The parallels Valefor has with the Wind are interesting, aren't they? His effects on humans are much the same, too. Not a priority, and I will leave him alone until I see how his old alliance with Lilith shakes out.

Vapula: Deluded Hellborn Punisher that he is, Vapula must be stopped. Fortunately, Jean seems to be on the case.
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