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Default Re: [OOC] The Voyages of "The Hiawatha" [Hero Class] : GURPS Traveller

Originally Posted by sn0wball in other OOC View Post
We got 6 PCs and three players so far - why don´t we assign 2 of these 6 to Dorin and Rasimus ? We don´t have to raise the number of PC slots this way.
Originally Posted by rasimus in other OOC View Post
I'm easy. Run with whatcha have. If the universe does have something up it's sleeve, I suspect stray bullets may whittle... hmm. That may be unhealthy to even suggest.
If I may make an observation, it has been my experience that PbP games with more than 4 players tend to drag significantly due to posting delays. I'm hoping that we can keep this game moving along fairly briskly since we'll only have 3 people (4 counting myself) from which to await input.

But, having made that observation, it is possible I guess that some of the current players might prefer to trim their pc rosters to just one character, and in that case, room for Dorin and/or Rasimus could be opened. But sn0ball, Doulos05, and MisterJuan should absolutely feel no compulsion to give up a pc!

Re-Copying pc roster:

Officer #1 Sensors/Commo (Captain Moon Han Eul) -- doulos05
Officer #2 Pilot (First Officer, Commander Sharmila Singh) -- MisterJuan
Officer #3 Ship's Doctor (Dr. [Commander] Zübeyde Chevalier) -- sn0wball
Petty Officer #1 (Senior Chief ???) Specialist/Interpreter/Gunner(Turret #1) -- sn0wball
Petty Officer #2 (Chief ???) Steward-Purser/Cargo Master/Gunner(Turret #2) -- doulos05
Petty Officer #3 (Chief Kgosi Kwabena) Engineer/Mechanic -- MisterJuan

I've made sn0wball's Specialist/Interpreter/Gunner our Senior Chief, the highest ranking enlisted crewmember, to spread the rank around a little bit. I've also gone ahead and designated him to be the primary gunner, and doulos05's Chief to be back-up. Hope that's ok with both of you guys! (If not let me know.) Sn0wball's Doctor has the rank of Commander, but this is generally acknowledged to be a courtesy rank most of the time. As regards ship's operations, the recommendations of the Senior Chief would generally be followed over an order from the Ship's Doctor. THE RANKS STATED HERE DO NOT NECESSARILY HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH RANK PURCHASED AS AN ADVANTAGE. This is just to settle, mostly in my own mind, what title each character has. doulos05 has demonstrated a much better knowledge than I have of the "Rank" advantage in GURPS, and doubtless other players also have similar knowledge. I'm trying to spread the rank around among all players. That's why I changed our Senior Chief from MisterJuan's dude to sn0wball's dude. MisterJuan is the pilot, so he's always going to have something cool to do with Sharmila.

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