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Default Re: [OOC] The Voyages of "The Hiawatha" [Hero Class] : GURPS Traveller

Character summary for Captain Moon Han Eul, the ship's Korean captain. Character sheet to follow once I have fixed the disads. Pending approval of this backstory, I will upload my character sheet w/ backstory to the Crew Roster. I can do it as a post or an attachment (at least I think I can do attachments. Maybe not as I've never tried here...).

Captain Moon was an rising star in he Terran navy. Trained as a Sensors/Commo officer, he demonstrated an intuitive, almost effortless grasp of naval strategy and starship handling. Rising quickly through the ranks, he was placed in command of a Richtoven class missile boat for the invasion of Nusku. While flying escort for the invasion fleet, he engaged a pair of Imperial boats closing on the fleet. Though he disabled them both, the fight severely damaged his own vessel. With power and computer systems failing, Moon faced a choice. Remain in space until rescue and hope no Imperial ships located them or attempt to land the stricken vessel. When a pair of fighters vectored towards him, he made a choice that haunts him to this day.

As the pilot took their ship into the atmosphere, a failing Gravitic tube* cause him to enter too fast. By the time Moon realized their mistake, it was too late. The wind forces sheared off a control surface, sending the ship into a flat spin from which it never recovered.

The crash site was near one of the main LZs for the invasion force, but the Marines were too late for Moon's crew. His pilot died in his arms hours before the marines could reach the crash site. The crash shattered 3 discs in Moon's back and he spent nearly a year in recovery.

Moon's back never fully recovered and neither did his conscience. Plagued by nightmares and survivor's guilt, he mustered out of the Terran Navy and joined the merchant marine, where he was assigned to the Hiawatha. The far more leisurely pace of merchant life has been a welcome break for Moon. The last 90 days have been placid, an amazing break. He hoped this would last, but somehow it seems unlikely...

Note, Moon is a traditional Korean, meaning he places his family name first when writing and saying his name. Calling him Captain Eul is right out. Obviously, the Vilani won't know that, but for the other PCs, just an FYI.

*A Gravitic tube serves the same function as a pitot tube on an airplane (though obviously it functions differently as there is no air in space). It detects g-forces acting on the vessel and feeds those to a computer which provides real-time telemetry and vector information for the ship, allowing the pilot track his speed and direction of movement accurately.

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