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Default Re: [DF] A Portal Fantasy within a Dungeon Fantasy: Where's Alice?

Originally Posted by Tymathee View Post
While I was having coffee this morning I thought I'd elaborate on this. "When the GM says it works" and "When the GM says it doesn't work" should come out to a net wash, or +0%. (...)
That could work well for an NPC, but you have to disregard the CP budget (i.e. you have to drop the idea of measuring NPC with CP).

Originally Posted by Tymathee View Post

(...) I think (...) you assume that GM Fiat is incapable of providing fair and ethical outcomes (...) this kind of reasoning is self-defeating and part of why I just don't quite get where you're coming from with this.
Rather than referring to ethics, I am talking about consistency and transparency.

I believe the less direct intervention you exert to adjust how rules as written work, the more certainty and freedom of choice for the players. Also, the less discretional your rules handling is, the less speculation/questions about your choices as GM.

Originally Posted by Tymathee View Post
(...) I've done a quick write up of the modifier I intend to replace the Game Time modifier I have on Alice's Ridiculous Luck (...) How's this look? I hope it is clear in what its intended purpose is.
If another GM were to adopt your campaign, he would need to know that Alice's effective value is at least 310 CP and not 250 CP, but that given how things works within your setting you have dropped the (cosmic, wish-like) modifier on her “luck ability” from %100 to %0.

Until now, Luck as presented in Alice’s character sheet was not factoring the underlying (time-control) powers conferred to her by GM discretion, which virtually calls to reconsider the cost of her ability and the final cost of her character sheet.

This is important, because the GM and the Players must factor that player characters start with 62 CP (right?) and that they “cannot learn luck” in the future. This is an important entry-barrier that deprives them from acquiring other “non-learnable” abilities. On the other hand, the direct counter for luck, is luck. So, in the long run a character that reached the 250 CP value but did not take luck in the beginning would be at great disadvantage against the 250xN CP Alice when competing in the same fields.
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