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Default Re: For SJ, where's the Move and Defend and option?

Originally Posted by RobW View Post

RAW: You snuck up behind your opponent, but oh no, now you can't Defend!
That's because you were not engaged if you are in the enemy's rear hex, and so you can't select option (k).

You and your buddy have surrounded the troll, Buddy's is in the troll's front hex, you're in the troll's rear hex. Troll has initiative and makes your side move first. You and Buddy stay put! You've got the troll surrounded! But now troll spins around to face you. Since you weren't engaged when it was your time to move, you couldn't select option (k).
This one sort of makes sense as you were probably preparing to attack but the troll's move took you off guard so you cannot properly defend yourself.

However, something like HERO's "abort to dodge" would probably work best.
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