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Default Re: Whats a Munchkin?

Originally Posted by roguebfl
On the behave of power games I'll have to cry insult there 8)

Powers games like high powered characters, in high powered settings, this has nothing to with rule bending or disregard to intent.
I never said Power Gamers bend the rules - I rather specifically did not say that. I don't think that's a trait of power gamers.

In RPGing, I regard power gamers as the sorts who want high-powered play pretty much regardless of the situation. I have a couple power-gamer leaning players - they'll play anything, but given a choice they'll always choose the 500 point campaign over the 250 point one, and the 250 over the 150. I run that way myself. I don't mind low-point characters, but the rare times I get to play I want to play action heroes and blockbuster movie main characters - I want to be Han Solo, not Joe 1st Level Smuggler.

In PBMs (for example), I was a pure power gamer. We regarded ourselves as the ones who played to win. For example, you'd get guys in a fantasy wargame naming their characters after Tolkein characters, writing fanfic about their heroic deeds, or refusing to use human troops because "I am an elven king, our army is only elves!"
We'd be running around assassinating characters if we couldn't suborn or recruit them, amassing the most powerful armies the rules would allow, and generally savagely fighting to win. It was a winner-take-all wargame, after all - not an RPG, so we generally regarded the role-players as speedbumps. So we were "power gamers" but not munchkins - we'd min-max to get the most power, and choose power over flavor, but we wouldn't cheat or break the rules (and if we found bizarre loopholes, we'd report them to the GMs - winning a broken game is a bizarre thing to pay $ for).

So yeah, I specifically didn't ascribe rule-breaking or rule-bending behavior to power gamers because I think that's what sets munchkins apart.
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