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Default Re: [Basic] Duration of Advantages with Preparation Required limitation

Originally Posted by WingedKagouti View Post
I'd almost certainly be harsher for something like standard DR...
While there is certainly an argument (a harsh one, but RAW) that DR lasts until it is used, IE it blocks damage once and would require repreparation...

However, I look at the Limitation and compare it to others of a similar cost break and decide from there. With something like DR, taking more than a minute (or 10) means it's almost never useful for combat, and certainly useless in an ambush which is where it's most useful!

Now if you mean, once prepped it lasts until the end of the first combat, that I can get with. Because then they can prep it again if they have time after that combat, but if it takes an hour to prep, I'd probably let it last until unconsciousness, or a set time limit (call it 8 hours or so probably).
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