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Default Re: The Immovable Foundation-Stone on which TFT Characters are Built

Originally Posted by vitruvian View Post
See, that's the exact opposite of what the rules seem to say to me. A certain level of DX can do certain things, same for ST, completely regardless of how that level was generated. It could be by GM fiat as to what those levels should be for a certain encountered creature, monster, or person, it could be by generating a gargoyle thief using the ITL character generation rules, it could be by some other means... but it makes no difference to the effects of the attribute level in the game, according to the game's rules.
I understand what you are saying, and I understand where you are coming from.

As they say: "Been there."

As I stated in my previous response (see above), I will state my full hypothesis in "non-math" terms my forthcoming Trieste: The Vitruvian Melee Man.

In the meantime, here are the basic assumptions I went on:

1) SJ is an exceeding bright man and careful designer; and not likely to use words, terms, and phrases indiscriminately as misnomers - especially with the legal, statistical, and editorial training he acquired before and after attending Rice.

2) The dictionary definition of Attribute is as a noun: n. a quality or feature regarded as a characteristic or inherent part of someone or something; and as a verb: v. a piece of information that determines the properties.

3) The dictionary definition of Dexterity is as a noun: n. skill in performing tasks, especially with the hands.

4) The dictionary definition of Strength is as a noun: n. the quality or state of being strong, in particular physical power and energy.

5) The dictionary definition of Intelligence is, as a noun: n. the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills.

Think those over for a while, and perhaps it will give you a glimpse into "Where we are going" with regard to what I have shared with you thus far.

Also, you may find it beneficial to bounce what we assume by inference of the rules, against what the rules specifically state in print and the accurate definitions as applied to the terms SJ employed in informing the rules; then take all that, and re-read my original post at the top of the thread.

You may sense your paradigm shifting well before I can post The Vitruvian Melee Man.

I'll hope to see you there, and I will anticipate receiving and fully addressing your comments at that time.

Thanks again for being a catalyst in advancing my hypothesis. As your Member Name served to fill-in the missing factor in completing my hypothesis - which you may, or may not, agree with in the end; and that's okay too.


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