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Default Re: The Immovable Foundation-Stone on which TFT Characters are Built

Originally Posted by JLV View Post
Which, I think, is EXACTLY the sweet spot Steve Jackson was aiming for when he designed the game. That he achieved it so economically (in terms of both rules and word count) speaks volumes for his skill as a designer...
Yes, it is why I love TFT so much. And one could game up a ST-11 DX-13 character with only a shield, for instance. He can choose to disengage whenever he wants vs. both DX-11 guys, and the to hit is about 83% vs. 62% for the stronger armourless or similarly armed but armoured guys, quite a significant difference in avg. hits per attack.

All that interesting development option without having to deal with super details of armouring one wrist but not the other, slicing vs. smashing vs. bashing vs. crunching damage, and on.

It someone like more "realistic" fighting engagements, that's fine, but the well-done "wargamey" nature of encounters works just right, while still allowing progress in an adventure beyond the fight.
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