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Default Re: Magic items made from Great Red Dragon's corpse

Originally Posted by Bruno View Post
You've got psuedogunpowder in your setting. Red Dragon fewments/guano instead of bat guano has got to make alchemists particularly happy.
It might, yes. Certainly, the dragon's blood and juices will make Alchemist's Fire and even more advanced varieties of UltraSuperDuper-NapalmNaphtaFireHell.

Originally Posted by Bruno View Post
A dragons eye a crystal ball, if it's the right size.
It's about 5' in diameter.

Originally Posted by Bruno View Post
...As a particularly large, and potent, Wizards Eye and/or Invisible Wizards Eye.
...I forget if there's a spell that gives you an aerial vantage point in GURPS. If not, it's from D&D, but regardless, that's an interpretation of "seeing as the dragon sees" - "getting a dragons-eye-view" as they say.
All interesting.
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