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Default [WWII] Caproni Ca 314 light bomber (Italy)

Caproni Bergamaschi Ca 314 maritime reconnaissance/light bomber
Copyright 2010 by Brandon Cope

The Ca 314 was the culmination of a series of twin-engine monoplanes starting with the Ca 306 transport of 1935. While the Ca 314 was quite vulnerable to Allied fighters and it carried only a small load of bombs, it was of some value in the maritime reconnaissance role. Versions were also used as a torpedo bomber, ground attack and transport.

Just over 400 Ca 314's were built, the most useful being the 73 Ca 314A (Ca 314-SC) used for maritime patrols and convoy escort.

Crew consists of a pilot, copilot/radio operator, bombardier/navigator and dorsal gunner. The Ca 314A uses 49 gallons of aviation fuel per hour at routine usage.

Subassemblies: Light Fighter-Bomber chassis +3, Medium Fighter-Bomber Wings +3, two Large Weapon pods +2, full rotation Small Weapon Turret +0, three retractable wheels +1.
Powertrain: 2x544-kW aerial HP gasoline engine [Pods:F] with 2x544-kW prop and 540-gallon self-sealing fuel tanks [Wings and Body].
Occupancy: 4 CS Cargo:9 Body, 2 Wings, 3 Pods

All: 2/3
Pilot/Co-pilot: 0/+15 BU
Bombardier: 0/+15 U
Dorsal gunner: 0/+15 B

2xMedium Aircraft HMGs/12.7mm Breda-SAFAT [Wings:F] (300 each).
Aircraft LMG/7.7mm Breda-SAFAT [Turret:F] (500).
2x550-lb bombs [Body:U]

Body: Medium radio receiver and transmitter, backup driver controls, navigation instruments, autopilot, 1,100-lb bomb bay.

Size: 39'x55'x12'
Payload: 2.77 tons
Lwt: 7.29 tons
Volume: 312
Maint.: 36 hours
Price: $31,000

HT: 7
HP: 165 [body], 330 [each wing], 120 [each pod], 15 [each wheel]

aSpeed: 245
aAccel: 4
aDecel: 32
aMR: 8
aSR: 2
Stall: 83

Design Notes
Design speed was 247 mph. The historical speed has been used, as well as the actual wing area (422 square feet). Loaded weight was decreased by 10%.

The 80 Ca 314B (Ca 314-RA) had provisions for a single 1.900-lb torpedo carried externally. The 254 Ca 314C were used for ground attack and carried two additional 12.7mm MGs in pods under the wings..

The Ca 306 Borea (1935) was an unarmed six-passenger transport with 149-kW engines giving a 155 mph aSpeed.. Eight were built. It had fixed landing gear.

The Ca 309 Ghibli (1938) had two 7.7mm wing guns (and the 7.7mm dorsal gun) and a 740-lb bomb load, with the engines and speed of the Ca 306. Some 243 were built (78 before 1940). It also had fixed landing gear.

The Ca 310 Libeccio (1937) introduced retractable landing gear and 343-kW engines. 161 were built for Italy and a number for other countries: Norway (4), Peru (16), and Yugoslavia (24), including the virtually identical Ca 310bis. The Ca 310 Irdo was a civil transport with twin floats.

The Ca 311 (1939) moved one wing gun to a rear ventral position. 320 were used by Italy, 5 by Yugoslavia and 10 by Croatia.

The Ca 312 had 485-kW engines. Italy took over the 39 planes which had bee intended for export to Belgium and Norway.

The Ca 313 (1939) were supplied to Italy (122), Sweden (84), Vichy France (5). A small number (perhaps 50-60) of the Ca 313G was built as trainers and communications aircraft for the Luftwaffe.

A handful of Ca 316 prototypes were built, fitted with twin floats and capable of being launched from ships via catapult.
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