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Default Re: [DF] A Portal Fantasy within a Dungeon Fantasy: Where's Alice?

Originally Posted by Hide View Post
This is not about overhead or time management; it is about being partial and discretional with an ability that is part of an NPC you want to rate as a player character.

Following the example in GURPS Powers: Ridiculous luck grants a character 6 uses of luck per real-life hour and 6 uses of luck per game-time day. That is a solid way to measure lucky breaks, especially because you just can’t skip a game-time day to recharge Alice’s luck.

Under the example's logic, you would be technically giving Alice at least 144 lucky breaks per in-game day, that’s out of proportion (6 vs 144).
Since I've managed to clarify that it is indeed discretional, there's nothing stopping me from having (un)appropriately timed time-skips between days to go from having no uses to full again after the initial six uses are used... and since we have that made clear we can come to the conclusion that the text as written within Powers is not scripture to be taken literally. The last sentence of the modifier makes that very apparent. My ten minutes of game time to use ratio still stands. My GM fiat is what keeps the balance.

Originally Posted by Hide View Post
At the level you suggest, super luck falls short even if it lets you dictate 24 rolls per in-game day; statistically a 144 attempts and GM time control will grant you the results you seek when you need them (for less CP).
Super Luck isn't even an option at character generation or even obtainable through advancement, as it isn't even recommended in DF's Adventurers as even being appropriate for the genre according to the "Dungeon Delvers' Cheat Sheet".

Originally Posted by Hide View Post
Finally, it is especially easy for you to skip a few minutes of in-game time and say “Oops! You looking for Alice? It’s been ten minutes already, sorry dudes, Alice’s secret rolls powered by the combination of my in-game time control and her luck have justified her escape. Have fun surviving the queen’s guard!”.
Time can be skipped or it can be intentionally stretched, as the passing of time in-game is always at the GM's discretion. As GM, one would hope to be ethical in how they do this. While adversarial GM'ing is actually required to properly run some of these modules the way Gygax appears to have intended, I'm not so malicious as to take away an NPC I've specifically placed to more likely than not ally with the PC party during a potential TPK scenario.

Originally Posted by Hide View Post
The setting sounds amazing, but IMO at this point the way you handle/modify Luck is a great player deterrent. The proportion between the examples provided by RAW and "your version" of luck, gives me the impression you are stretching things too far to make them "fall within the rules". It would be better if you just say things happens because you want them to happen, at least that would provide a clearer expectative of your vision as a GM.
It's not a deterrent because both Alice and PCs can have access to it, at least if they're willing to pay the points for it. I'm providing equal opportunity, and I've scaled the effects of the advantage to reflect what I'd like to see. I quite like the setting I've been working on. It's intentionally strange and silly but plays it straight.

It appears we are at an impasse.
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