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#adventure-7 We have finished the first running of Security Station.

The group was very successful until the final (and deadly) room.

The Orc Barbarian Garekk managed to get out alive with a vast quantity of loot and is considering whether or not to return to extract any more loot. Unfortunately, his 2 companions did not exit with him ...

[Historically, there is about a 25% survival rate on the final room for those who do not have prior knowledge.]

If there is interest, I may run this again.

As others have stated, trying to find an agreeable time slot is the hardest part, with players scattered all over the world. We ended up with 1 player on the US West coast, 2 participants on the US East coast, and 1 player in between time zone-wise. This enabled us to play once a week for 2-4 hours per session.

The players provided their recommendations for improvement and I will take them into consideration for the next running. The module itself as written is 40-ish years old, yet can be run fairly easily with the recent ITL ruleset.
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