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Default Re: Armor - Lighten enchantment is a baaaargain!

Originally Posted by Carrot View Post
My group has just had their first major haul and I was just musing over the gear possibilities that there are.

Noticed that the Lighten enchantment is a bargain!

For example:

Plate is 7500 for a full suit. Fine is +9CF. 7500 + (9 x 7500) = 75000 to get 3/4 weight.

Lighten, on the other hand, is 7500 + 10000 = 17500 to get 1/2 weight. seems like a bargain to me!

...or am I doing it wrong. I guess, as GM, I can make it whatever I want or make it not available, but don't have the headspace to get into that right now.

Thanks all!
**** I typed the bit below and realized just before posting "I dont know if the DFRPG enchanting rules regarding time are the same as Core,I know cost is different, but I haven't gotten far enough into DFRPG to know if the process is the same." ****

Time is a big factor with spells over 100energy, and Enchanting doesn't start till the armor is done. So you still have to find or commission the metal bits.

Lighten 50% weight is 500energy per item cheap $ compared to 3/4 reduction at 9 times the price, there is a but though. Depending on the enchanting rules for the world you're in RAW that could mean S&S 500days for each piece if there is only one enchanter available.

500enegy is a lot for a quick and dirty (I don't have a world that has batteries this size available for small stuff like bits of armor), and if power/mana stones are involved there are still recharge times.

A skilled armorer shop could probably turn your suit out in 3 months or so, and you could use them as they get finished so you would probably start getting benefits of new armor bits in 3ish weeks for the simpler (less articulated) pieces.

Even if you find a guild/group of enchanters to do it, you're still looking at a lot of time or extra expense to get your stuff moved to the front of the line over other projects they may already have.

Even my most generous magic setting would still take a couple months for each piece (I allow enchanters to S&S up to thier max FP per day but the average still hovers around 12 or 22 a day).
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