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Default Re: Armor - Lighten enchantment is a baaaargain!

Originally Posted by ericbsmith View Post
from what I can tell there's no real description of what "Broken" means, especially in regards to Armor. I mean, if you have a magic wineskin and I poke a hole in it, we'd probably agree it's broken for all practical purposes. But how that applies to Armor doesn't seem to be detailed that I can find.
I've always assumed there's some intentional flexibility here so that different groups could rule things differently.

In my campaigns, magic is usually fairly tenacious. If your armor get dinged up or even pierced by a bunch of bodkin arrows, the enchantments still hold. The assumption is that PCs spend time making repairs (and maybe some of their weekly expenses in town cover that sort of thing). If some sort of acid slime lands on it and dissolves through it, the piece of armor is destroyed (even if there are scrappy bits remaining) and the enchantment goes with it.

I'm glad DFRPG dropped the armor penetrations rule. That level of bookkeeping doesn't seem fun to me (and can always be added as an optional rule for those that like its grit).
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