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Default Depth Charges & Fire Barrels

So try as I might, I cannot seem to find stats for Depth Charges and I'm not even sure Fire Barrels (as used in AC4: Black Flag) really even existed in the Age of Sail.

From what I can gather, the first Depth Charges were developed during WW1, with the original concept emerging in 1911.

While I've no doubt that the modern day Depth Charge (TL6.5+) is well ahead of the Age of Sail (TL4), I wouldn't call it a huge stretch of the imagination if an earlier design involving gun powder in water-tight barrels and water-proof fuses could have been created by enterprising individuals in a Fantasy Campaign setting, especially at the tail end of TL4 going into TL5.

As for Fire Barrels (seen in AC4: Black Flag), I'm not even sure they actually existed during the real Age of Sail. However, my lack of finding any real information on Fire Barrels could be because of my poor internet searching skills.

In any case, I'm at an impasse for both items.

Are there are stats in any GURPS books for Depth Charges? If so which one?

Does anyone know if Fire Barrels actually existed in the real Age of Sail? If so...again are there any GURPS stats on these?

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