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Default Re: Magical Gadgets versus Magical Gear

Originally Posted by AlexanderHowl View Post
Yes, I replace magical items with magical gadgets in my games, and they are usually not for sale. In general, magical gadgets cost less CP than the equivalent magical item as Signature Gear, though that is just an added bonus. I just loathe the mechanics behind magical items because they are needlessly complex and costly.

For example, a staff of Teleport costs 3,000 energy (7,000 with Power 4), with translates to 120 CP worth of Signature Gear (280 CP worth of Signature Gear with Power 4). Alternatively, you could just take Warp (Can Carry Objects, Heavy, +30%; Magical, -10%; Reliable, +10, +50%; Staff, Protected, -50%) [120], and you get better functionality. Since magical gadgets have better functionality than magical gear for the same CP, I ban magical gear and just have characters purchase magical gadgets.
Uh-hunh. Or you could just not make your characters get everything they own or find as Signature Gear. That's an option.
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