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Default Re: Magical Gadgets versus Magical Gear

There is no implicit plot protection when you take limitations designed to explicitly remove plot protection. If you have a magical hat with Breakable, DR 2, Unrepairable, SM-6, -45%, Can be Stolen, DX roll, -40%, and Unique, -25%, for a total of -110%, it is up to you, not the GM, to protect it. If a dragon's breathe or an explosion destroys it, that is your problem and not the GM's problem.

That is generally why I warn players away from the combination of Unrepairable and Unique, as I will not protect their gadgets if they take those limitations. Now, I have plenty of NPC gadgets that have those limitations, they make for very good glass cannons and destroying/stealing the enemy's source of power is an established trope. It is also a good way to make disposable rewards for the PCs that you can destroy without too much whining from the players.
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