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Default Re: [LT] Padded/Layered Cloth weight

Originally Posted by CarrionPeacock View Post
So those gambesons being sold as "padded jacket class" are all just the inner padding gurps includes in the armor weights or at best padded cloth (dr 1*)? That's a bummer...
Yep. Textile armour weighs more than an equivalent item made from metal. Leather is even worse. A buff coat weighs around 20 lbs and barely rates DR 2.

Here is an example of proper textile armour. It is about an inch thick and is as rigid as a board.

Loadouts: Low-Tech Armor would be a good book to read. It dispels a lot of historical armour myths.

Keep in mind that clothing can be very heavy. A lot of older-styled wedding dresses can weigh 30 lbs or more.
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