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Default Re: Alternate Versions of Inifinite Worlds

Originally Posted by SilvercatMoonpaw View Post
1) First Chrontact

Homeline develops and uses parachronics for the first time and finds out that there is an entire community of parachronic-using worlds sharing knowledge and resources. Homeline is the new kid on the block, vulnerable to every 2-bit con-artist and cape-sporting conqueror. Do they ally themselves with one of the larger, seemingly-benevolent powers? Do they try to go it alone by stealing advanced tech and playing sides off each other?
(Concept: The canon IW assumes Homeline is top dog, with only Centrum as a rival. This meta-setting inverts that.)
Interestingly if you compare GURPS Time Travel and GURPS Infinite Worlds you realize that they are talking about two different Homelines.

The key is Centrum Beta which was in 2010 in GURPS Time Travel but is 1895 in GURPS Infinite Worlds.

While other discrepancies between the 12 years for Homeline and other realities either not moving on at all or different amounts of time passing can be explained by time not passing at the same rate (and even that has issues) there is nothing to explain how Centrum Beta "lost" 15 years.

Centrum Beta is also peculiar as there is no mention of a world war going on in GURPS Time Travel while there was such a war 1902-1912 on Centrum.

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