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Default Re: Balanced games for archers

Originally Posted by Kallatari
Breaking down the archer attack, it’s a series of the following maneuvers:
1 – Ready: to draw the arrow
2 – Ready: to nock the arrow into the bow
3 – Ready: to draw the bow
4 – Attack: to release the arrow

In House Rules mode, I personally allow an All-Out (Double Ready) to merge maneuvers 2 and 3 together.
Originally Posted by Edges View Post
You don't need a house rule. your steps 2 and 3 are already a single Ready maneuver. See Basic p. 383.

And so it does. So now I had to look up the rules to find out why I've been separating it into two distinct Ready maneuvers in my game... and the source of that change was The Deadly Springs from Pyramid 3 - 33.

So, by the official rules, you are correct that it does not take an All-Out maneuver to fire one shot every turn (at -6, with no aiming). When adding the Deadly Spring rules that require an additional 1 or more Ready maneuvers to draw, then you would need an All-Out maneuver... and a bow whose ST allows you to draw it with only a single Ready.

I'll also go back and edit my original post to indicate the source of my additional Ready so as to not confuse any new readers.
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