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Default Re: Whats a Munchkin?

Originally Posted by Lord_Kjeran
I'm not talking about adventure info, but mechanics CHARACTERS think in terms of damage ratings, will rolls, if I do this I get a -2, things like that? That's what I mean.
An advanced character who's been through a lot of combats should have good and fairly specific information about which tactics work and which don't. To properly represent this the player needs to know which tactics work in-game and select them. To a large degree I consider this to be expected behaviour, not munchkinism. The same is true for any other types of rolls where the character should be well aware of how the circumstances affect his chances.
Ofc problems do arise when the player's and character's degree of combat optimization don't match. If you feel the player optimizes combat choices too much you might consider asking for rolls against IQ or Tactics or giving him only limited time to make up his mind as to the next action. If that doesn't work he should either play a more experienced character or have some compensating disadvantages.
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