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Default Re: Ultimate Munchkin deck

If you don't mind splitting the deck you can do an Ages themed game. It would consists of about 4 main phases.

The Time of Legends. Find a mix of classic munchkins, legends, conan, and pathfinder, along with a few boosters such as dragons. This deck consist of around 100 cards, and you play it until your level 3.

Age of Exploration. A mix of Pirates, and the Wild West. Use around 50 cards and play until your level 5.

Modern Munchkins would be a mix of Munchkin Impossible, Apocalypse, Fu, and Cuthlu. Use around 100 cards. Play until your level 8.

Future Munchkins. Super and Space munchkin mix, around 80 cards. Play until the end of the game.

If you die you use the Zombie and Vampire deck + whatever age your currently in. you can us probably around 50 cards there.

This set up would be around 380 cards, so around twice as many as you wish, but would easily fit in one box of holding.
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