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Default Re: Ultimate Munchkin deck

Munchkin 1-5+8 works well, though I prefer Munchkin Deluxe to straight Munchkin 1, and getting the new Unnatural Axe (Munchkin 2) with the female pawns works great, as well.

Munchkin Pathfinder is a great addition to the mix, because it's still rather humorous, and it's designed to blend better than Conan did - there are no duplicate classes, as there are 4 entirely new ones, and the Faction cards work great as a third "stat" card type.

I like Conan, but the references aren't as comical, and the races/classes create problems all-around. The treasures are great, so I've kept them in there, but I've take out most of the Conan cards (except for the 15 Conan the Barbarian cards from the pack).

The only problem I've found with adding in ALL the promo cards and packs available is that it eventually waters things down in regards to Classes/Races/Factions. Whereas simply having 1-5+8+Pathfinder leaves you with a roughly 1-in-5 chance of drawing a Race/Class/Faction, adding in all the mini-expansions waters things down pretty heavily.

7, while it means well, also unfortunately waters things down; at the same time, it adds in things like 1/3 Breed, Ultra-Munchkin, Cheat With Both Hands etc., so it's a bit of a trade-off.

I'm still hoping for a pack or series of promos of Classes/Races for Fantasy to help balance things out, but you still get plenty of insanity - it just won't be as race/class/faction-centric.
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