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Default Ultimate Munchkin deck

Forgive me if I am in the wrong place for this question, but I am looking to build the ULTIMATE MUNCHKIN DECK and would like some suggestions/help doing so. Here is what I am looking for:

The original Munchkin decks have 168 cards, split between Doors and Treasures. I would like to keep my decks about that small, as it makes for easier transportation and also, will allow for everyone to experience a majority of the cards.

I do not want a lot of duplicates, which is to say, that a Warrior in the fantasy Munchkin is the same kind of class as a Warrior in Munchkin Conan or Legends. If there are Classes/Races/Birthrights/Species/Dance Routines... whatever... in one set that closely mimics one in another set, there would be almost no reason to have a duplicate. (The only exception I can see at this point, would be a Cultist card, but even then, maybe...)

I would like to combine all of the known 15 types of munchkin, and various expansions/booster packs, so I am not looking for a generic Cthulhu works GREAT with Apocalypse, or Axe Cop and Zombies is a wonderful combo! (BTW, if you haven't tried these mash-ups, please do so post haste!) With that in mind, I should make it clear that I own every current version of the game, along with a TON of promo cards and all booster packs/dice/boxes of holding/pawns etc. You name it, if it was available commercially, I have it. I'm not saying this to brag, but just to say that if it will be a popular card in this ULTIMATE DECK, I would like to include it.

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