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Default Race game

My head is spinning like a slick tread in mud. I can hardly wait for the game. With that in mind, here's a idea for a quick game using the game tiles.

Six straights are laid out in a 2x3 pattern.
Cars are placed on the edge and road of tile one and speed 2.
Use 4 colored token, (meeples, pawns or spare bases). Draw them randomly and place them at the near edge of tile 2. (From a bag or cup)
Cars then race to their colored token. (Tokens do not affect game play)
Players get 1 point if the drive over their color.
Remove the token when either passed or driven over.
Redrawn randomly are place at start of tile 3.
Add new straight tiles and remove back tiles until 10 tile race is over.

First player to leave the last tile (10) gets 3 bonus points
Second player 2 points
Third player 1.

Add the total points for Spots driven over.

For added flavor, no shooting until all players on on the second tile.

Your thoughts are welcome.
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