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Default Re: Technical Grappling vs a Giant Boar

Originally Posted by RedMattis View Post
How would this play out in Technical Grappling?
Does the boar have a penalty to break free from the Luchador due to its lack of reach on its back?
Pg 11 under Rear Arc mentions you can roll to Break Free vs an opponent in rear arc at -4.

You can ignore that using Bucking Bronco (TG26) since it doesn't require a skill roll, and can't be defended against.

That -4 is one thing I wonder if the "stallion is better off" statement took into account.

Originally Posted by RedMattis View Post
Can the Luchador do anything to restrain/hinder the boar somewhat,
or is the only thing he can do against the stronger opponent using Control Points to use for a eye-gouge-attack against the boar?
Luchador's CP could lower the effective DX/ST of the boar, making him a lesser threat or easier to hit for his allies.

If he wants to try grappling the head to go for an eye gouge that's certainly something. Makes me wonder if jaw tusks / skull horns or similar should create some kind of risk for face/head grapples...

Originally Posted by RedMattis View Post
Is the boar doomed to have the Luchador applying CP freely every turn once it goes berserk unless it uses All-out-Attack double to first try to break free, and then attack the Luchador?
Yes, the boar might be better off just attacking the grappler rather than trying to break free of him.

It wouldn't be unreasonable for example to extrapolate TG13's rule for Armed Grappling causing a momentary loss in Grip CP to apply to grapples in general, in which case if that momentary loss exceeds the total CP+1 (reduce to -1 to end a grapple) then maybe someone hurt should be forced to let go?

MA118's "Kiss the Wall" rules seem like they should allow for some extrapolation... like if you can translate a hands-grapple to smash someone into a wall, why not a legs-grapple, a teeth-grapple, or even just take advantage of them grappling your torso (grapples are mutual) to try and slam/tackle the wall and squish your rider between them?

That's actually what we see some quadripeds do to get rid of riders or predators on their back: they go into a roll and try and smash them against the ground. That might be considered a slam rather than a KTW, not sure.
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