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Default Re: Formulas for speeding up repetitive rolls

Originally Posted by AlexanderHowl View Post
In high skill campaigns, waiving any low risk roll when the effective skill level is 16+ is fairly standard. In general, this does not apply to adventuring rolls, combat rolls, influence rolls, job rolls, or reaction rolls, but it does cut the number of rolls by 80%-90%. Of course, a routine repair roll (like changing a tire) becomes nightmarish in a hurricane (-6 to skill), at night (-8 to skill), using only your off-hand because your primary is broken (-4 to skill), and at 80% normal time because the water is rising (-2 to skill). At that point, having a 30+ in a skill can matter, as you can still succeed despite that massive penalties.
I don't think that's what I'm after

Specifically one thing I want to do is - when PCs are reduced to say -30HP, but live and have one month downtime I want to be able to say how much HP they will have by that session based on say their HT, expected physician skill of 14 and so on.

I could roll for each day, I could handwave or I could have a system of making one or two rolls to say PC 1 is at -5HP, PC 2 at -15HP and so on.
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