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Default FnordCon 2.3

The virtual FnordCon 2 went so well that we are doing it again. The next edition will be Saturday, October 10. This will be a one-day event, reprising all the highest-rated features from the first virtual event, and adding a couple of experiments.

Like the first virtual con, it is being held in Discord (that is, text and online photos, plus voice).

We will repeat the virtual dealer room, and more online games of Deadly Doodles are scheduled!

There will also be Tribes, and a blitz game of UltraCorps. If you have never played UC before, you can get up to speed here by reading the rules and playing quick solo games

Our Guest of Honor will be Liz Danforth, the very first Fantasy Trip illustrator and still active (she is working on the counters now for Old School Monsters).

Also appearing will be Eric Lang, designer of, among many other things, CMON's Munchkin Dungeon.

We hope to see you there - attending safely from your own home!

The Schedule for the virtual edition of Fnordcon 2.3 can be found here.

You can also join our Facebook event to receive regular updates.
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