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Default Re: Limpet mine damage

Originally Posted by Kromm View Post
[*]At touch on exterior: Damage is 1. Use this for direct hits in combat.[*]Tamped or shaped on exterior (High-Tech, pp. 182-183): Halves explosive weight needed. Effectively, damage is 1.4. Use this for most demolition.[*]Fully contained on exterior (p. B415): Maximum damage. Effectively, damage is 1.7. Use this for demolition where explosive is in gap or applied over full surface of object.[*]Internal (p. B415): Wounding, and effectively damage, is 3. Use this for explosive bullets in flesh, cyberpunk brain-bombs, etc.[/list]
It occurred to me to wonder about targets with No Vitals. That does away with the x3, but if the target is Homogenous or at least mostly solid does that drop you back to Tamped?

That's how it works with setting off explosions in a hole in solid stone. Stone golems would presumably use the same rule.
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