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China, 1862

The Taiping Rebellion in china was the second bloodiest civil war in history, outranked only by a communist civil war in the same country. estimates of the death vary, but 20 million is a commonly cited figure. The war raged in southern China from 1850 to 1864, with the fighting heaviest between the rebel capital Nanjing and the port of Shanghai. The Taipings practiced an extremely unorthodox form of Christianity and promoted large social, religious, and economic reform. In our history, the war was ended largely by a european led group of soldiers who tipped the scales in favour of the Qing. This this timeline, rather committing against the Taiping in the seige of Shanghai, Westerners (led by the famed Chinese Gordan) took over the city and both declared and enforced its neutrality. Both sides fought on, but without Shanghai, the Qing dynasty was forced to leave southern China to the 'heavenly kingdom'.

From there, history can go many directions, to a proper European conquest of china, To a state capable of standing up the European powers taking over much sooner, to a completely fractured china, to a china split between two powers.
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