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Default Re: Spears for throwing

From my perspective the problem is the bulk.

While walking out onto a coliseum floor with several spears is doable, going on an adventure with 6'+ sticks hanging off your back makes for a tripping experience.
I have limited my players to one Pole Weapon at a time and it had to be in the hand unless they were:
Javelins and those were limited to 1 in the hand and two on the shield or in the other hand, or
Pole Weapons carried on the shoulder in a sheaf.

I would think that Pole Weapons allowed on the backpack would require a roll of 3/DX every Turn to avoid tripping or becoming unbalanced and falling down.

One of the reasons in antiquity for chariots was that you could store multiple Javelins or spears along the sides of the cart.
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