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Default Re: Long Lankin attempt #1

What's the temperature in the room with the printer? If it's too hot or cold, that could be a problem. I think they like to be at "room temperature", nominally 68 - 72 degrees.

Make sure the film on the bottom of your tank is totally clean. If there's a smudge blocking the light, that can kill your prints.

Make sure your resin doesn't have any cured particles in it. Use a new bottle or filter it when you reuse it. Also, be sure to shake the bottle well before pouring the resin into the tank.

You can increase the cure time for each layer. There should be a chart somewhere for the brand of printer and brand of resin you're using.

This is just what I've picked up from reading. I only started printing in Jan of 2022. So far it's been great fun, but I can't print any more until I paint my backlog. :)

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