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Default Re: Mind Control Questions

Originally Posted by JMason View Post
2) What if the target doesn't understand the language the Bard is using? Do the commands work on intent or understanding?
Base-model Mind Control normally doesn't require a shared language or even for the controller to verbalize - there is no Universal enhancement for Mind Control that I can find, unlike Telesend and Telerecieve.

The Bard Song power modifier adds specific limitations that lead me to suspect it works on understanding:
"Anything that affects others only works on targets who
can hear the music, while any messages or instructions the
bard sends have to be hidden in song."
But that's not an explicit statement one way or the other.

Originally Posted by JMason View Post
3) What about trying to control something that is being possessed by another "mind"?
Quick contest between the two controllers.

Originally Posted by JMason View Post
4) If the ability is resisted, the target knows that an attempt to dominate their mind was made. What happens when they fail, then the effect ends? I assume that they remember everything and know that they were controlled (unless maybe the caster told them to forget?)
"No Memory" is an enhancement (Basic Set page 69). Without this enhancement, they will remember everything and know they were controlled. If you wish them to remember everything but think they did it all of their own volition, that's Rationalization, +20% (Psionic Powers, p15).

The user cannot "tell them to forget" any more effectively than you could tell me to forget: Even were I terribly co-operative, I simply can't forget things on demand. Beings with the ability to forget things on demand obviously work differently.
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