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Default Re: Virtual Table Top (VTT) support

Originally Posted by KataH View Post
I can certainly understand that about licensing and quality control.
But it would be nice if they put some effort into it.
For example in Roll20
1. Create a very nice and supportable Character Sheet. Yes I know the system has 2 fan created sheets but they aee unsupported right now and rather simple and not very flexible.
2. Create a script to import from GCA into that Roll20 character sheet.
3. Work with Roll20 to make it more compatible with a Hex based system and help to create specific Macros for GURPS.
They do not need to make any sort of SRD.

All of these ideas do not require any type of licensing that I am aware of.
All three of them require SJ Games invest money now for a vague and undefined return of potential increased sales in the future. None of them are activities that SJ Games has any particular competency at, so there's no reason to expect their efforts would be any better than the fan efforts.

None of them require licensing, but doing any of them might interfere with future license negotiations for computer products that would get them licensing income.

Finally, there's a serious question of which VTT to invest in. You say Roll20, but I've been playing online for 10 years and the best known platform has gone from OpenRPG to MapTools to Roll20 in that time. Roll20 has endured for a while, but it could be replaced by a new VTT in the next few years and then any investment in improved Roll20 would be wasted.

I do think SJ Games could provide better support for VTTs at a fairly low cost by encouraging people to write macros and sheets for popular VTTs and providing permanent storage space for them, in addition to links from the Game Aids thread ( But it's not clear to me that VTT macros are even compatible with the current SJ Games online policy, so they may need to change that policy first.
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