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Originally Posted by flyingwombat View Post
I'm also being dense. I was looking for an example. I haven't found one in the data files.
Ah, okay. I think Eric always uses #ChoiceList, which has more features and options. #Choice is very simple, and doesn't offer any features beyond "choose one of these things". It basically looks like this:

Swears oddly (%choice%), -1, x(#Choice("Fracking", "Frelling", "Gorram"))

The user would get a Choose Items dialog that asks them to pick one of the items listed. It's the same dialog #ChoiceList pops up, but without the ability to specify the various text prompts. And it will always be "Want 1". The user checks the box for their selection, clicks OK, and GCA will remove the x() tag contents, and leave their selected option in place of %choice%, in this case, perhaps leaving a quirk of "Swears oddly (Gorram)" on the character.

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