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Default Re: GCA4 FAQ - GURPS Character Assistant 4 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why does GCA use page abbreviations when no other GURPS 4th Edition products do?
When printing out the page references on a character sheet an abbreviated page reference both looks cleaner and takes up a lot less space, so we've decided to use abbreviated page references within GCA. These references are not "official" and are not used in any other products, they are simply a convenience for the unique requirements of GCA.

Q: What are the page abbreviations used in GCA?

A1:XX     Action 1: Heroes
ATE1:XX   After The End 1: Wastelanders
B         Basic Set 4th Edition
Bio       Bio-Tech
BS        Banestorm
CR        Crusades
DF1:XX    Dungeon Fantasy 1: Adventures
DF2:XX    Dungeon Fantasy 2: Dungeons
DF3:XX    Dungeon Fantasy 3: Next Level
DF4:XX    Dungeon Fantasy 4: Sages
DF5:XX    Dungeon Fantasy 5: Allies
DF6:XX    Dungeon Fantasy 6: 40 Artifacts
DF7:XX    Dungeon Fantasy 7: Clerics
DF9:XX    Dungeon Fantasy 9: Summoners
DF10:XX   Dungeon Fantasy 10: Taverns
DF12:XX   Dungeon Fantasy 12: Ninja
DF14:XX   Dungeon Fantasy 14: Psi
DF15:XX   Dungeon Fantasy 15: Henchmen
DFM1:XX   Dungeon Fantasy Monsters 1
DR        Dragons
F         Fantasy
GF        Gun Fu
HT        High-Tech
LFM       Lair of the Fat Man
PG1:XX    High-Tech: Pulp Guns 1
PG2:XX    High-Tech: Pulp Guns 2
H         Horror
IW        Infinite Worlds
LoT       Lands Out of Time
L         Lite 4th Edition
LT        Low-Tech
LT2:XX    Low-Tech Companion 2: Weapons and Warriors
LT3:XX    Low-Tech Companion 3: Daily Life and Economics
LT:IA     Low-Tech: Instant Armor
M         Magic
MA        Martial Arts
MA:FC     Martial Arts Fairbairn Close Combat Systems
MA:GL     Martial Arts Gladiators
MH1:XX    Monster Hunters 1: Champions
MH4:XX    Monster Hunters 4: Sidekicks
MHL       Monster Hunters Loadouts
MY        Mysteries
P         Powers
PU1:XX    Power-Ups 1 - Imbuements
PU2:XX    Power-Ups 2 - Perks
PU3:XX    Power-Ups 3 - Talents
PDK       Prime Directive: Klingons
PDR       Prime Directive: Romulans
PD        Prime Directive
PP        Psionic Powers
Psi       Psis
P1/YY:XX  Pyramid 1 (the original Print version), issue YY, page XX
P3/YY:XX  Pyramid 3 (the current PDF version), issue YY, page XX
S         Space
SC:AS     Supporting Cast Age of Sail Pirate Crew
SS2:XX    Spaceships 2: Traders, Liners, and Transports
SS4:XX    Spaceships 4: Fighters, Carriers, and Mecha
SU        Supers
SV        SEALS in Vietnam
T:IW      Traveller: Interstellar Wars
Th        Thaumatology
Th:UM     Thaumatology Urban Magic
TS:CT     Transhuman Space: Changing Times
TS:ST     Transhuman Space: Shell-Tech
TSP       Tales of the Solar Patrol
UT        Ultra-Tech
In addition there was an official list of page abbreviations for GURPS 3rd Edition that may be used in unofficial conversions of 3rd Edition files into 4th Edtion or in the data files for using 3rd Edition in GCA4.

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