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Default Re: GCA4 FAQ - GURPS Character Assistant 4 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I obtain data files for the latest books which aren't included in the current Data Update?

It sometimes becomes necessary to release data files for for newer books without including them in the full Data Update. Sometimes this is because the file is too incomplete, sometimes it hasn't been rigorously tested (it's still in "beta"), sometimes it's because the file (or book) wasn't done in time for the full Data Update.

At any rate, all such files which are available will be linked from a sticky thread in the GURPS Character Assistant forum. These files are generally made available in a ZIP format and must be unzipped before they can be used by GCA - you can use a program such as WinZip or WinRar (or Windows XP's built in ZIP routine) to unzip the files. Once unzipped you should place them in the My Documents\GURPS Character Assistant 4\Data Files\ folder.

You will also need to create a new Data Set to load the new files. See Post #8 of the FAQ to read about creating new Data Sets.

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