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One of the best known (and most frequented) locales inside the Keep is the Broken Hilt Tavern. Located between the gates leading to the Upper and Lower Baileys, it’s difficult to enter or leave the Keep without passing by this perpetually crowded establishment.

Its sign is a flat, thick piece of wood with a broken sword painted on both sides, but no writing. Made famous by the popular drinking song, “She Broke my Heart at the Broken Hilt,” this riotous, seedy tavern is known throughout the region. Watered down ale, ****-poor food, flea-infested rooms and teaming with pick pockets and ne'er-do-wells, the Broken Hilt is open around the clock.

The Broken Hilt tavern has a reputation for being a ‘rough place’. It’s the favorite gathering place at the Keep for off duty soldiers and they like to play rough. That, coupled with the fact the food is **** poor, the ale watered-down and the rooms flea infested, cause most ‘proper’ Keep residents to shun it. On the bright side, the prices are cheaper than most other options in the Keep and well-suited to those drawing a soldier’s measly pay.

One of the tavern’s recent claims to fame is a small boulder near the bar – supposedly thrown by a giant on the mountainside. Whether it is true or not, the repairs to the roof seem real enough.
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