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Originally Posted by Kieddicus View Post
Also could you explain "Feat Tax" I am not quite sure what you are getting at.
The usage I'm familiar with in D&D jargon refers to a a feat (or chain of feats) that becomes obligatory, either because it's too good not to take, or because it's a practical necessity for a character of that class, and your character becomes gimped if you take something else instead. The apparently free choices of feats is an illusion when the actual effect is that all characters of a certain class must take certain abilities (or else be willing to just be weaker than intended). So, a "tax" because it takes away from your actual choices; such things would have been better put into the class ability list where they're automatically assigned, without reducing the ability to customize a character or follow different paths.

In this case, why even introduce the word "feat"? The suggestions upthread are simply new Talents.
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