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Hmmm, it's hard to keep track of what is actually going on with this Talents thing, but I certainly hope we're not moving away from how this game works.

Each attribute limits/contributes about two things, as we all know.

ST is how much damage you can take and deliver, DX is when you act and how successfully, and IQ is what level and how many talents you can have based on their costs.

Dinking around with some of the costs or prereqs. based on 40 years of this game being played is perhaps justified, but I certainly hope the way all three attributes balance each other out isn't changed by changing how talents are counted up or allocated.

Just as an aside, from my own personal experience in relation to UC skills, I don't necessarily think it is currently broken by requiring higher IQ levels for the higher level skills. In all of my competing, training, and teaching I have generally seen that more moderate levels of intelligence limit the ability to reach high levels of understanding and consequently skills in martial arts. My best students and most highly skilled have almost without a doubt been in the gifted to superior levels of IQ.
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