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Two questions, two answers:

1) I don't think talents are necessarily overpriced per se; what I DO think is that some of them are excessively high in terms of IQ required to be able to take them at all.

2) I much prefer the new Talent XP cost system; but I can also see why you might be considering limiting the number of talents to the IQ level of the character. On the other hand, that drives us right back into those "forgetting spells and talents" rules, and I really never liked that system at all.

Perhaps something could be done along the same lines by saying that the new talent XP cost system remains in effect, but that a character is limited to two times his current IQ regarding the number of talents he can take. Thus, an IQ 12 person could have a total of 24 talents and/or spells -- which should both restrict the character from becoming a demi-God, and also push back the need to "forget" things for at least a while.
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