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Default Re: DF Implied Cosmology

Originally Posted by Dragondog View Post
Sanctity and Mana are not influenced by each other.
Yes, but the spells work basically the same way. This may be just a game mechanical convenience. Another possibility is that sanctity is mana run through a service provider. Or possibly mana is an unusual kind of sanctity.

Not relevant for most Delvers or most delves, but it is a valid question about cosmology. How complicated IS supernatural stuff?

On one hand, you might argue that all supernatural stuff can trace it's power back to "magic" in the end. (GURPS mana magic, that is.) All other apparent sources are channeling it through some channel that can ignore mana levels, etc. My feeling is that this is NOT the default case in DF RAW.

But DF cosmology is not explicit, and I think this is a good thing, cuz rolling your own in sort of a GURPS tradition, and usually the players don't care much anyway. The fine distinctions between how Things and Martial artists put mind over matter don't really affect loot that much.
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