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Default Re: Discussing Yrth History & Evolution of GURPS MAGIC

Originally Posted by maximara View Post
From the description Magery would seem to follow basic Mendel genetics while the level follows the rules for things like eye and hair color.
There are some "issues" that can be raised with the Mendel genetics that prove to be interesting for contemplation by a world builder. ;)

For instance, is Magery linked to a single site of genetic pairs? Is it a genetic sequence that only expresses itself in the absence of specific traits? Does it depend on an absence of FIVE sites? With three states possible: Dominant, Recessive, or incomplete (such as happens when you breed a red flower with a white flower and get pink) - just what is necessary for the Mageborn trait?

In the end, the incidence of magery within society is as others have noted, a world builder's decision.

Ultimately? As originally presented, YRTH was presented as a TL 3 society with elements of magic incorporated that allowed society to more or less continue as it did in historical context, to where we have knights, serfs, free born, etc. We don't have complex machines outside of simple clockwork and/or mills. Yes, there were exceptions to where we might have inventions that were built in antiquity well before they become more common in society, but the theory of something and the implementation of something can be really STRANGE.

So - my goal next in THIS thread, will be to cultivate a list of spells for GURPS MAGIC 2nd edition, and possibly determine which spells already existed in GURPS FANTASY 1st so as to say "these spells may have changed what the original Yrth background would have become had these spells been part of the game from the start."

I also now have to write code that will determine marital status for each "Family" in my other thread, then assign ages to the head of family and his/her spouse (if any) and the ages of subsequent children.

Glad I've got something to keep my creative mind occupied on something other than day to day survival at work. ;)
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