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Default Re: [Magic] Magery et al with Temporary Disadvantages

Temporary Disads: Confused, Weirdness Magnet, and/or Phantom Voices
As you open yourself to the forces of the beyond...

Temporary Disad, Quadriplegic, could be interesting. I don't have in mind a particular explanation, but do note that it's a possibility. Perhaps better: One Arm, as you shake your fist full of magical power!

Temporary Disad, Lifebane, as you draw power from the living things around you.

Temporary Disad, Disturbing Voice, Ugly, and Unnatural Features 2 as your demeanor takes on the cast of a terrible being.

Temporary Disad, Partial Amnesia, where you never remember *why* you cast that last spell...

Yeah, there are a lot of possibilities here.
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