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First: Yes! A thousand times yes! This has been on wishlist for a long time, but the release of the novels have made the Girl Genius line even more attractive for GMs and players. I hope a roleplaying game will have much more on this amazing background stuff.

Originally Posted by dcarson View Post
GURPS IOU has Foglio artwork and one of the background characters looks like Agatha to me. But that's as close as it comes.
There's a clear reference to Girl Genius on the chapter 2 opening page (a fake yearbook): A character that looks like a modern Agatha Heterodyne and she's called "Agatha Hete[...], Mad Scien[...]" (rest is cut off). Make of that what you want, but I took it that the many interdimensional connections of I.O.U. also connect to Girl Genius Europa.

(And if you go for that sort of reference, it also looks like Terry Pratchett is enrolled in the Department of Metaphysics.)
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