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Default [weapons] giant tungsten warhammer

So. Thought experiment.

A cubic foot of tungsten weighs 1200 pounds. Let us imagine two such cubes. One we will saw in half so that it becomes a pair of pyramids, which we then stick on the other cube to form a nice hammerhead. A 2400 pound hammerhead. Thatís 1.2 tons. Since I donít know how malleable tungsten is, letís say the hammerhead is magic and wonít deform on impact. We attach this monstrosity to the end of a 6 foot haft which is magically able to bear both its weight and the stress of impact without damage. For clarityís sake, this superhammer has a 1.2 ton weight being concentrated to a point by a pyramidal striking surface.

My question is, what the heck are the stats for this monster? Because I canít find rules that let you create anything even close to this ridiculous.
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