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Default Re: Large Caliber Auto Rifles?

Originally Posted by Fred Brackin View Post
<shrug> Take a .50 BMG and add a stock and some hand-grips. None of those rounds are all that much less powerful than the .50. You're going to end up with weights over 30 or 40 lbs and Min ST of at least 20. Not really a "rifle" for humans.
All of them have substantially less than half the energy of a .50 BMG, and the Bushmaster is less than a quarter. The Raptor and Bushmaster are both specifically designed to be fired from modified autoloading rifles (the AR-10 and AR-15/M-16, respectively).

For damage, you could get in the right range for a round close to .45 caliber by giving it 2d*sqrt(energy in ft-lbs/352).
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