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Default Re: Tanzanite Hex-A-Hedron (from Purple Jumbo d6)

Originally Posted by DoomedDuck View Post
You roll one of the d6's (either the munchkin d6 or the monster d6) and give that bonus to whichever side you picked (munchkin or monster). And as far as I know it can be in anyone's combat, otherwise boosting the monster would be pointless and stupid.
Oh yes, of course, the side of the die that you choose. I forgot they were themed to the munchkins and monsters. Thanks for clearing that up.

I also just had a thought of going back and checking the text of the Carnelian Cube of Karma (from the card game) and discovered it had the same text (except the colour) as the Tanzanite Hex-A-Hedron... MunchkinMan ruled that with that card, "in combat" is different to "in any combat" and I can't see a reason for that to be different for Munchkin Quest (and yes, I know that many rulings for the two games are different, but this one seems like it would be shared).

Thus I guess that answers the question in that it can only be used in combats you participate in. You would use the monster die when you are forced in as a helper (if that can happen in Munchkin Quest, I haven't seen such a card yet), or if you wanted the monster to win as it has beneficial Bad Stuff (getting rid of that Chicken on Your Head, for example).
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